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52 Ergebnisse
Los: 19

Katharina Grosse - O.T., 2020

Ergebnis: 150.000 EUR

With her work, Katharina Grosse has occupied one of the most important international positions in painting since the early 1990s. Her work and thinking is characterized by constant renewal and variabl...

Los: 33

Olafur Eliasson - Supercube star (blue), 2019

Ergebnis: 110.000 EUR

Supercube star (blue) (2019) is derived from a unique polyhedral module interlocked in a star shape. Inspired by earlier geometric studies conducted by R. Buckminster Fuller and further developed in c...

Los: 14

Alfredo Jaar - Cien Años de Soledad (No realmente), 1985

Ergebnis: 36.000 EUR

Cien Años de Soledad by Alfredo Jaar makes reference to the title of Garcia Marquez’s famous novel from 1967, which tells the story of several generations of one family living in a fictitious town in ...

Los: 28

Jonathan Meese - Dein Ausflugsziel “Selbst”!, 2020

Ergebnis: 30.000 EUR

Meese’s work includes paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, performances, but also writing, stage design and directing in the theatre and opera world. The self-portrait runs like a red thread throu...

Los: 11

Claudia Comte - Suspended Marble Apple, 2018

Ergebnis: 32.000 EUR

The group of seven marble sculptures of enlarged fruits suspended in fourpost cages show Claudia Comte’s occupation with technology, nature and material. Each sculpture was carved by a robot into a bl...

Los: 7

Martin Eder - The World turns into a Deeper Shade of Blue, 2019

Ergebnis: 24.000 EUR

Martin Eder has always loved the game of kitsch, clichées and exaggeration. The resulting subjects that seem trivial are half appetizingly arranged, half distastefully served and completed in the high...

Los: 25

Elmgreen & Dragset - The Other He, 2018

Ergebnis: 24.000 EUR

A nude male reclines on a rock in this smaller version of Elmgreen & Dragset’s “Han”, which is permanently installed on the waterfront in front of Kronborg Castle in Elsingore, Denmark. The sculpture ...

Los: 10

Alicja Kwade - Casual Emergence (May 2022), 2020

Ergebnis: 26.000 EUR

Causal Emergence illustrates a specific amount of time, exactly one month: The clock-hands are oriented in a logarithmic spiral, starting from the center at 12 o’clock midnight in the beginning of the...

Los: 12

Julius von Bismarck - Fire with Fire (Green Mendocino), 2019

Ergebnis: 22.000 EUR

Driven by the catastrophe itself, mankind’s voyeurism is nowadays experiencing a satisfaction that has rarely existed before. The news coverage on the latest consequences of natural disasters are cons...

Los: 32

Carolein Smit - Großer Reliquienschädel, 2010

Ergebnis: 15.000 EUR

The ceramic sculptures of Carolein Smit are exclusively figurative, incredibly detailed, and covered with a shiny and colourful glaze. At first sight, her animal figures appear charming and cute. Howe...

Los: 8

Thea Djordjadze - Untitled, 2020

Ergebnis: 17.000 EUR

Thea Djordjadze’s paintings are cast wooden frames made of performatively moulded plaster. Her intuitive and sculptural approach to painting transforms the perception of painting into that of a poetic...

Los: 16

Jeppe Hein - Colourful, 2020

Ergebnis: 19.000 EUR

Jeppe Hein is a Danish artist based in Berlin. He studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Arts in Copenhagen and the Städel Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Frankfurt am Main. He is widely known for h...

Los: 15

Petra Cortright - ADAPTATIONS OF CHAMELEONS_beautiful thing “Canada 3000”, 2018

Ergebnis: 14.000 EUR

Petra Cortright’s core practice is the creation and distribution of digital and physical images using consumer or corporate softwares. She became renowned for making self-portrait videos that use her ...

Los: 36

Jonas Weichsel - Sc 190 I, 2018

Ergebnis: 14.500 EUR

The young German painter Jonas Weichsel since 2015 has been working on a series of works that make use of a particular, stylized and complex technical process, which can be interpreted as putting him ...

Los: 30

Susumu Kamijo - Unexpected Visitor, 2019

Ergebnis: 19.000 EUR

Kamijo moved to the US at the age of 16 and completed a BFA in Painting and Drawing at the University of Oregon in 2000, followed by an MFA in Painting and Drawing at the University of Washington in 2...

Los: 31

Richard Deacon - Flash, Bang, Wallop 11, 2018

Ergebnis: 11.500 EUR

Flash, Bang, Wallop 11 is a colorful, hand-sized, polygonal sculpture by British artist Richard Deacon. The flat, glazed ceramic is held up with the help of a thin sheet of metal and is presented on a...

Los: 21

Olaf Holzapfel - Mühle, 2019

Ergebnis: 16.500 EUR

In Holzapfel’s straw pictures, light, color, and real and illusionistic pictorial spatiality play a central role. The pictures seek to overcome the rupture between depiction and what is depicted; they...

Los: 37

Gina Beavers - Humble but Hungry, 2019

Ergebnis: 10.000 EUR

Gina has a BA in Studio Art and Anthropology and an MFA in Painting and Drawing. The primary source of her work is contemporary visual culture that has been rapidly transformed by the omnipresence of ...

Los: 23

Jorinde Voigt - Zeitliche Koinzidenz (…) / Jung/Pauli-Studie 2, 2020

Ergebnis: 15.000 EUR

Jorinde Voigt’s drawings and sculptural works develop rigorous, idiosyncratic systems to depict how one’s inner world – such as personal experience, emotion, and memory – intersects with external cond...

Los: 13

David Ostrowski - F (Days of Thunder), 2020

Ergebnis: 11.000 EUR

David Ostrowski has produced a body of work that revolves around the idea of the zero point – a place of nothingness or the beyond of cultural and painterly codes. Ostrowski’s paintings are products o...

Los: 6

Jeremy Shaw - Towards Universal Pattern Recognition (National Day of Prayer, 1992), 2017

Ergebnis: 15.000 EUR

Shaw’s practice is an in-depth exploration of the conditions of mediation in relation to spiritual, religious and subcultural ideologies, notions of enlightenment, scientific data visualization of the...

Los: 5

Kaspar Müller - Untitled, 2020

Ergebnis: 20.000 EUR

During a quiet period at home earlier this year, Kaspar Müller’s eldest daughter handed him a single square of white 3-ply paper imprinted with a repeating pattern of butterflies and flowers. Perhaps ...

Los: 22

Birgit Megerle - Connection, 2018

Ergebnis: 8.000 EUR

Birgit Megerle’s paintings, concerned with temporality and the the historicity of painting, are characterized by an artificial, stage-like, atmosphere. Despite their contemporary references, her works...

Los: 20

Yngve Holen - Snowflake, 2017

Ergebnis: 10.500 EUR

In his works, the Norwegian-German artist Yngve Holen examines the relationships and boundaries between the (human) body and consumer culture in various areas of life such as transport, industrial foo...

Los: 18

Axel Hütte - Palazzo Loredan-2, Italy, 2012

Ergebnis: 7.000 EUR

Hütte’s photographs of interiors in Venice show intricate spatial relationships involving doors, mirrors, and windows. Light coming in through the windows is reflected off ceilings, walls, and floors ...

Los: 9

Ella Littwitz - The Unknown Land Of The South, 2017

Ergebnis: 8.500 EUR

For the work The Unknown Land of the South Ella Littwitz, in a very personal way, deals with the absurdity of territorial limitations between nation-states and the restricted movements in the world, t...

Los: 29

Sofia Hultén - Indecisive Angles XV, 2015

Ergebnis: 6.500 EUR

In Sofia Hultén’s “Indecisive Angles” sculptures, heavy-duty trolleys are cut in half and welded in new pairings. The new-mirrored axis results in a symmetry that prevents their potential to, in some,...

Los: 17

Idris Khan - Quartet, 2019

Ergebnis: 10.000 EUR

British artist Idris Khan’s densely- layered imagery inhabits the space between abstraction and figuration, encompassing aspects of history, cumulative experience, and the metaphysical collapse of tim...

Los: 4

Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg - U live ur life as if its real no. 2, 2019

Ergebnis: 6.000 EUR

Hannah Sophie Dunkelberg’s works play with the intersection of materialities and imagery while deliberately staging painting and drawing in the sculptural field. The desire for drawing reveals itself ...

Los: 27

Antje Majewski - Muschel mit Perle aus dem Atelier von Jeanne Mammen, 2013

Ergebnis: 10.000 EUR

The shell depicted in Antje Majewski’s painting Muschel mit Perle aus dem Atelier von Jeanne Mammen (2013) was preserved in the studio apartment of Berlin-based artist Jeanne Mammen (1890-1976), which...

Los: 24

Neo Rauch - Der Hergang, 2020

Ergebnis: 12.000 EUR

Neo Rauch is one of the most significant artists of our time. In a category of their own-independent of the predictable rhythm of the developments defining the art of the past several decades – his wo...

Los: 2

Bunny Rogers - Self-Portrait as clone of Jeanne d’Arc, 2014

Ergebnis: 15.000 EUR

With Self-Portrait as Clone of Jeanne d’Arc Bunny Rogers offers a gateway into the mythology of her generation. Employing erasure not as a literal gesture but rather as a playful, rhetorical figure, R...

Los: 3

Umut Yasat - Der Stapel 35, 2019

Ergebnis: 5.000 EUR

Between 2009 and 2015 Umut studied in the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Karlsruhe with Gustav Kluge, Jonas Burgert and Marcel van Eeden. He started to work on Der Stapel in 2014. At firs...

Los: 35

Maria Loboda - The Ngombo (1), 2016

Ergebnis: 3.000 EUR

Language and translation play an important role in Polish artist Maria Loboda’s works. In fact, it could be argued that the artist treats reality and the material world as a universe of signs and mean...

Los: 34

Maria Loboda - The Ngombo (6), 2016

Ergebnis: 3.000 EUR

Language and translation play an important role in Polish artist Maria Loboda’s works. In fact, it could be argued that the artist treats reality and the material world as a universe of signs and mean...

Los: 1

Conny Maier - Der Vergleich 4, 2017

Ergebnis: 8.500 EUR

Conny Maier’s works reflect sociocultural topics such as poverty, solitude and social conflict. She humorously and cautiously reveals social systems and their constructions. The artist acts as a silen...

Los: 26

Ulrike Theusner - Die letzten Tage des Friedens, 2020

Ergebnis: 3.000 EUR

Ulrike Theusner (born 1982) does not simply depict people and scenes, she focuses on characteristic interpretations. Theusner is an obsessive draftswoman. Like a sponge, the artist takes up her surrou...

Los: 15

Lot 15: Begleiten Sie ein Shooting von Barbara Schöneberger!

Kein Mindestpreis

Die absolute Powerfrau hautnah! Begleiten Sie die Kult-Moderatorin bei einem Shooting für das BARBARA Cover in Berlin. Lassen Sie sich vom Esprit und dem unschlagbar klugen Humor dieser prominenten Wa...

Los: 14

Lot 14: Ein ganz spezieller Abend in der Philharmonie mit Olaf Maninger

Kein Mindestpreis

Die Philharmoniker gehören zu dem besten, was Berlin zu bieten hat und genießen zurecht Weltruhm. Die Philharmonie Berlin ist seit 1963 das musikalische Herz Berlins. Bei der Eröffnung noch an der Per...

Los: 13

Lot 13: Das Staatsballett mit Vera Gäde-Butzlaff

Kein Mindestpreis

Erleben Sie eine Aufführung des Staatsballetts mit einem Blick hinter die Kulissen. Vera Gäde-Butzlaff, die Vorsitzende des Vorstands der Bürgerstiftung Berlin und profunde Berlin-Kennerin, ist ein gr...

Los: 12

Lot 12: Henrik Hanstein: Aus dem Leben eines Auktionators

Kein Mindestpreis

Der Chef des Kunsthaus Lempertz feiert dieses Jahr sein 45. Dienstjubiläum. Viele Sammler und Kunstwerke hat er in dieser Zeit begleitet und kaum einer kennt die besondere Dynamik des Kunstmarkts wie ...

Los: 11

Lot 11: In der Intendantenloge der Staatsoper mit Matthias Schulz

Kein Mindestpreis

Die Staatsoper Unter den Linden wurde 1742 von Friedrich dem Großen gegründet und von Georg Wenzeslaus von Knobelsdorff im Herzen Berlins erbaut. In Oper und Konzert zeichnet sie sich durch ihre einzi...

Los: 10

Lot 10: Sterne-Kochen und Kaviar an der Quelle mit Hendrik Otto

Kein Mindestpreis

Zwei-Sterne-Koch Hendrik Otto, Küchenchef im legendären Hotel Adlon, kocht ein 6-Gänge-Menue mit Champagner- und Weinbegleitung. Nicht irgendwo, sondern auf der Fischfarm 25 Teiche - eine Autostunde v...

Los: 9

Lot 9: Geisterbeschwörungen und Porzellan mit Samuel Wittwer

Kein Mindestpreis

Samuel Wittwers Begeisterung für Porzellane ist ansteckend! Der polyglotte Schweizer ist seit 2008 Direktor der Abteilung Schlösser und Sammlungen der Stiftung Preußische Schlösser und Gärten Berlin-B...

Los: 8

Lot 8: Golf-Club Berlin-Wannsee: Der schönste Abschlag Berlins!

Kein Mindestpreis

Spielen Sie zu zweit eine Runde auf dem 18-Loch-Meisterschaftsplatz des Golf- und Land-Club Berlin-Wannsee e.V.!

Tradition und Naturerlebnis erwarten den Golfer, der im Süd-Westen Berlins seine Her...

Los: 7

Lot 7: Mit Wilhelm von Boddien durch das Berliner Schloss

Kein Mindestpreis

Wer kennt ihn nicht? Wilhelm von Boddien, Geschäftsführer des Fördervereins Berliner Schloss e.V. und Initiator des Wiederaufbaus der historischen Fassaden ist heute schon eine Legende. Seine einzigar...

Los: 6

Lot 6: Persönliche Führung von Julia Stoschek durch ihre Sammlung

Kein Mindestpreis

Die JULIA STOSCHEK COLLECTION ist eine der weltweit größten Privatsammlungen für zeitbasierte Kunst. Ihr Anliegen ist die öffentliche Präsentation, Förderung, Konservierung sowie die wissenschaftliche...

Los: 5

Lot 5: Eine Woche Traum-Cabrio fahren mit Mercedes Benz

Kein Mindestpreis

Freuen Sie sich auf eine Woche im Traum-Cabrio von Mercedes-Benz. Fahren Sie 7 Tage Ihren Wunsch-Mercedes aus dem Premiumsegment, nach Verfügbarkeit in unserem Fuhrpark. Einzulösen für Fahrer ab 21 Ja...