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KvS Auction No. 3 - Contemporary art from Berlin galleries and studios

DE-10117 Berlin, Leipziger Str. 60  

Auction on Wednesday, July 8, 2020 from 19:00 | Auction finished

Completed | Standard auction
Lot: 21

Olaf Holzapfel - Mühle, 2019

Starting price 12.000 EUR

 Show bid increments

16.500 EUR

In Holzapfel’s straw pictures, light, color, and real and illusionistic pictorial spatiality play a central role. The pictures seek to overcome the rupture between depiction and what is depicted; they describe directly what they are. They are thus mimetic and yet completely nonrepresentational; it is as if they open up spaces that start in the concrete material. Viewing them, one constantly changes perspective: are we seeing material, or a pictorial space? The materials Holzapfel chooses – straw, wood, reeds, and hay – show and describe the constancy of division and arising from and apart from each other as a recurring natural process. His material-related works also spur a changed awareness of the environment and open up their political dimension. In harmony with Land Art, without being agitation, they call for a respectful stance toward the environment. Starting from this stance, it seems possible to determine a new relationship between our media-shaped urban spaces and the surrounding landscapes.

Selected solo exhibitions: 2019 Olaf Holzapfel, Galerie Gebr. Lehmann, Dresden, Germany; El Camino en los Campos, Museo Nacional de Arte Decorativo, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Latitude 40° , film screening at Biennale del Sur, Center of Contemporary Art, MUNTREF, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Fasern, Daniel Marzona, Berlin, Germany

Straw, wood 85 × 85 cm, Unique work

Starting bid: € 12.000.– ( Low estimate: € 24.000 - High estimate: € 36.000 )

Legend key "K" as in Conditions of Sale

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Contact person:

Kilian Jay von Seldeneck
KvS Auctions

DE - 10178 Berlin


Julia Stoschek Collection
Leipziger Str. 60
10117 Berlin